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Fascinating walking tours in Leiden.

This page will give you  an impression of the city of Leiden at the time of the Pilgrims. 1609 - 1620

Leiden, 'A fair and beautiful city'

                                        William Brewster

Map of Leiden from 1614 by Jan Pietersz Dou. On top silhouette of the city

Students iceskating in front of University on the corner of John Robinson's house.

Library of Leiden University, 1610 by Jan van 't Woudt. Situated in 'Faliede Bagijnhof', behind Robinson's house, Building was also used by English Reformed Church and the chapel was possibly used by the Pilgrims.

Citadel 11th century
Latin School
Latin School
Latin school 1600
Pilgrim museum, building 1370
Rijnland waterboard Count Willem II
Library, Leiden University 1575
Pilgrims, leaving Delfshaven.
Leiden City Hall 1590
Leiden City Hall 1590
Leiden, City hall 1590
Pieterskerk, interior
St Peter's church 1120 - 1570

The photogalery illustrates the sites and buildings the pilgrims saw during their stay in Leiden.

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